Mini & Medium Excavator Travel Reducer

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The travel reducer is divided into two-planetary deceleration, three-planetarydecelerationanddouble-planetarydeceleration. It is composed of motor housing, driving housing, gear ring, planetary frame, planetary gear and other components. It has the characteristics of low speed,hightorque and low noise, and can be matched. with a variety ofhydraulic moving motors.



Model Rack Mounting Hole Drive Tooth Mounting Holes Motor Connection Hole   Model Rack Mounting Hole Drive Tooth Mounting Holes Motor Connection Hole
DH60-7 12-M14 12-M14 8-M12 ZAX200-3, ZAX210-5G 16-M20 18-M20 9-M18
DH80G 12-M16 12-M14 8-M10 ZAX230-6, ZAX240 16-M20 16-M20 9-M18
JCM913 20-M16 15-M16 8-M14 EX120-1, EX100-1 15-M16 16-M16 2-M16
DH220-5/7, SY215, LG220, EC210 30-M16 30(22+8)-M16 12-M16 SK130-8, SK140-8 20-M16 15-M16 10-M12
DH225-9, SY195, XE215 30-M16 30(22+8)-M16 12-M16 SK200-8, SK210-8 30-M16 26-M16 8-M16
E320, E323, E320-B/C/D 16-M20 16-M20 4-M16 SH260-8, SH265, E110B 16-M16 15-M16 9-M14
EC140, XE150, LG150, FR170 20-M16 18(15+3)-M16 8-M14 SH200A3 30-M16 30(22+8)-M16 10-M14
PC60-6/7 12-M16 12-M14 8-M10 YC60, GM06VA 12(9+3)-M14 12-M14 6-M8
PC120-5, SK120-1/3/5, HD512 20-M16 15-M16 9-M14 SH200A1/A2, HD700-7, HD820-1 30-M16 22-M16 5-M12
PC200-6, PC220-6 18-M16 20-M18 12-M16 SK330-8, SK350-8, SH350A3 18-M24 26-M20 10-M18
DH55, R60-5, EC55 12-M14 12-M14 8-M10 SK00-6E 20-M20 22-M18 12-M16





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